The Average Cost of Skylight Installation

Countless homeowners in the Detroit area have been considering brightening up their living spaces with a skylight. Before they start shopping, however, understanding the cost of skylight installation can help give you some guidance, and keep you steered in the right direction. We’re going to get into the different factors that can influence the price, and what exactly you might be able to expect during the process itself.

What Determines the Cost of Skylight Installation?

The cost of skylight installation varies depending on several factors, including the type of skylight, the complexity of installation, and whether any additional structural changes are required.

Type of Skylight

There is more than one type of skylight, and each one comes with a different potential price tag. Fixed skylights, which are one of the most common and probably one people have seen the most, are going to be the most cost-effective option. Ventilated skylights that open and close, or solar-powered skylights, are near the higher end of the pricing spectrum

Installation Complexity

Simple installations on gently pitched roofs are often going to be much more affordable than more complex roofs. Roofs with steep slopes or other complicated engineering may take more time and require different equipment. The increased complexity comes with an increased labor charge.

Structural Changes

If the physical structure of your roof doesn’t accommodate the skylight, it may need to be reinforced or reframed, which will increase the cost. This step may also need engineer approval since it’s changing the structure of your roof, which will raise the cost.

The Average Cost of Skylight Installation

On average, most homeowners can expect the total cost of skylight installation to range from $1,000 to $3,000. This average cost includes calculations for both the skylight itself, and the installation cost, but it’s important to remember that more complex projects will drastically exceed these averages. The simplest installations will be much closer to the low end of that range, but simply adding a few more square feet to the roof and considering some of the extenuating circumstances that may happen pushes that cost higher.

Possible Additional Costs

Aside from the relatively basic cost of skylight installation, there may also be additional expenses or costs to consider. For example, installing blinds for a skylight can cost several hundred dollars. Additionally, if you decide to install a solar-powered skylight, you may end up having to put in a whole separate electrical circuit, depending on the local laws and building codes of your town.

Saving on Skylight Installation

Even though at first glance, the cost of skylight installation can be daunting or even intimidating, it’s important to remember that there are ways to save money. One example of this is to consider installing the skylight in a room that won’t require extensive modifications to the core roof structure. Additionally, installing a skylight during a larger roof project like a repair or replacement can save on labor costs.

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Remember, understanding the average cost of skylight installation is the first step toward illuminating your home with natural light. Don’t let the initial cost deter you from reaping the many benefits a skylight can offer. Contact Rapid Roofing today, and let’s make your dream of a brighter, airy living space a reality.