3 Key Features of Seamless Gutters

One of the most important parts of your home is the gutter system. It’s what keeps water away from your roof and siding. What you might not realize is that there are several types of gutters. We are proud to offer seamless gutter installation to our clients. Read on to learn more about its features and how it’s better than its sectional counterpart.

3 Key Features of Seamless Gutters

No Leaks

Sectional gutters have seams and joint areas. These are key areas where leaks can happen. That’s why seamless gutters are only joined by the corners and downspout. This eliminates the weak points that may lead to leaks. With the help of secure fasteners to hold it to your home, a seamless gutter is a lot less likely to develop problems. 

We’ve dealt with emergency roof repair situations that can be traced back to sectional gutter issues. With seamless gutters, rest assured you don’t have to think about those issues.

Low Maintenance

Aside from potential leak areas, sections of a gutter can inadvertently cause blockage. This happens when debris gets caught on the seams and joints. It eventually builds up and clogs the entire system, which will eventually affect the roof and the rest of your home. By having seamless gutters, you reduce the chances of this becoming a problem. At the same time, you also reduce the amount of maintenance needed by your gutter system.

Appropriate Fit

Sections are not built for a specific home; they are designed to fit any home. That can make them look awkward and bulky. On the other hand, seamless gutters use proper measurements to fit your home exactly. With this look, your gutter system becomes streamlined both in security and in style. This boosts your curb appeal and saves you money on the material used in the long run.

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