Long-Term Maintenance Tips for Wood Roofs

Wood shake roofs remain a popular choice for many homeowners due to their classic and timeless appeal. They’ve been replaced by asphalt shingles as the standard, but they are still a solid choice. That said, it’s important to know that while wood roofs can be as durable as any other roofing material, they require more maintenance as they are more susceptible to the elements.

Long-Term Maintenance Tips for Wood Roofs

Rapid Roofing, your local roofing company, shares long-term maintenance tips for wood shake roofs.

Clean the Roof 

Moisture and insect damage are two of the most common problems wood roofs experience, and the damage they can do can get extensive. You can prevent damage by regularly cleaning the roof of debris. Leaves, in particular, can cause plenty of problems. When they settle on the roof and start to rot, they absorb more moisture. Not only does this do damage the roof and cause rot, but it also attracts insects that can end up in the roof. It can also cause moss to grow.

Debris like twigs can also scratch and poke the roof, further reducing its ability to protect your home. Take advantage of our expert roof cleaning as part of our residential roof service to avoid moisture and insect related problems.

Install the Right Gutters

The last thing you want is for rainwater to pool and accumulate on the roof, or worse, drip under the edge and affect the vulnerable soffit. That’s why it’s important that you install the right kind of gutters. We recommend seamless over sectional ones as they are made flush to the edge of your roof and lack gaps or seams where rainwater can penetrate.

Preventive Repair

Finally, it’s imperative that you do preventive roof repair on your wooden roofs. Leaks may seem like small and harmless things, but they can get bigger in just a matter of weeks and end up becoming a more serious and expensive concern. Preventive repair allows you to head off these problems and keep your roof in good working condition.

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