Siding Installation: Should You Go Vertical?

When it comes to siding installation, you have two options as far as how your new siding will be oriented – either horizontally or vertically. The difference between the two might seem purely cosmetic, but vertical siding is actually the more practical choice.

Siding Installation: Should You Go Vertical?

Rapid Roofing, your local siding contractor, shares the benefits of installing vertical siding.

It’s Easier to Install

Vertical siding is faster to install. This is because it comes with interlocking panels that make them easier to fit on the side of the wall. They do require furring strips to achieve that more even look, but it’s just one extra step to an easier installation process.

Less Maintenance

Vertical siding requires less maintenance than its horizontal counterpart. When water flows down from the roof, it often gets caught between the spaces of horizontal siding. Vertical siding installation means there’s no space for water or debris to accumulate. Apart from less maintenance, installing siding vertically also makes cleaning easier to do.

Better Aesthetics

Vertical siding is rare, so installing it on your home boosts your curb appeal. On top of that, installing your new siding vertically allows you to recreate a board and batten look for your home – another design rarity that can make your home stand out from the rest.

Your House Will Look Taller

The vertical lines on your new siding will make your house appear taller than it really is. Verticality is an underrated concept in homes as most homeowners want their property to look wide. A house that looks tall in an open landscape achieves the same effect and can highlight other exterior components of your home, such as the roof and the windows.

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