Know Your Siding: What Composite Siding Is Made Of

When it comes to exterior protection, composite siding is one of the top choices among many homeowners. Not only does composite siding provide additional protection against the elements, but it enhances the exterior appeal of the home.

But, what is composite siding made of, and why do homeowners prefer this more than other materials? Professional siding contractor, Rapid Roofing, provides more insights into this exterior material:

Varieties of Composite Siding

You can choose from different types of composite siding. While the most common materials used are shredded wood or sawdust, some products have different components for added durability and strength.

  • Oriented Strand Board (OSB): Made from sawdust with a bonding agent for extra strength, OSB is a common option for composite siding. Homeowners choose this because it looks like natural wood. The only drawback is OSB tends to be more susceptible to water damage.

  • Fiber Cement Board: This type of siding is made of cement, sand and cellulose fiber. Many homeowners go for this material due to its durability and aesthetic qualities. It’s, however, harder to install than composite siding made of other materials.

Why Choose Composite Siding?

If you’re looking for maximum value for your siding installation, composite materials make the best option. Thanks to advanced technology, composite siding has evolved to provide homes with high levels of insulation, durability and weather resistance.

Composite siding also makes a great choice if you want to go for sustainable materials. As the siding is made of sawdust and recyclable polymers, it provides your home with an environmentally friendly exterior.

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