Pro Talk: Answering Common Questions About Vinyl Siding

Your siding is one of the most important parts of your home’s exterior, so you need to choose a siding material that provides excellent benefits for your home. As an experienced siding contractor, we install both vinyl and composite siding to allow our customers to easily find the best options for your home. Today, we’ll answer some common questions to help homeowners who prefer vinyl siding:

  • Will Vinyl Siding Color Fade? As your siding is constantly exposed to the harsh elements, nothing you choose for it can be expected to last for a very long time. That said, the color in vinyl siding lasts much longer compared to traditional exterior paint, so you will be spending less on maintenance and repairs.
  • Do I Need to Use Special Cleaning Materials? Unlike other siding materials, you won’t need to spend a lot to keep your siding in excellent condition. You won’t even have to use too much water. A simple garden hose, soft-bristled brush and a solution of vinegar and water are enough to maintain your siding’s appearance. As part of our siding installation service, we can teach you how to clean your new siding.

  • Vinyl Siding Looks Basic. Will It Complement My Home Well? While this was accurate many years ago, thanks to modern innovations, vinyl siding now comes in a wide range of colors and textures. Their versatility and contemporary appeal make them a great choice for both traditional and modern homes. Additionally, vinyl siding is available in different profiles like scalloped, Dutch lap and beaded designs.

Your siding’s performance will depend on the quality of its installation, which is why you should turn to Rapid Roofing. We’re a siding, roof and window replacement specialist. To learn more about vinyl siding or the other siding materials we offer, call us at (734) 234-5900. You can also get a free estimate. We serve many communities in Michigan, including Ann Arbor and Canton.