Reasons to Consider Roof Replacement in Canton⁣, MI

Are you a homeowner in need of a reliable roof replacement in Canton?

Since it’s such an important part of your home, you shouldn’t trust this task to just anybody, but there are a plethora of significant reasons to consider roof replacement. Rapid Roofing can help you solidify the apex of your home with fine products like GAF shingles.

Primary Reasons for Roof Replacement in Canton, MI

First, we’ll start with the major reasons to consider professional roof replacement.

  1. It gets freezing cold in the winter around the Great Lakes. This means you cannot afford to let drafty cold air enter your home through a leaky or porous roof.
  2. If your current roof has missing shingles, you’re not only vulnerable to the elements, but your home’s curb appeal will suffer.
  3. In the summer, you could incur a greater problem with mold, mildew, and algae from a leaky roof.
  4. You notice shingle chunks in your gutters or on your lawn. Once part of the material starts falling off the roof, it’s only a matter of time before the problem worsens.
  5. Some of your other neighbors are doing the same thing, and their roofs are about as old as yours.
  6. Perhaps your roof is slowly fading, and you’d like to take this time to improve your home value with something new. As long as it’s not raining or frigid, we’d be more than happy to install something that’ll add tens of thousands of dollars to your overall home value.

A Few Other Roof Replacement Concerns

Then, there are certain situations that we might consider a roof emergency, requiring much more immediate repair/replacement. If you can see daylight through your roof boards, you know you have a serious issue. Sometimes it’s possible to notice this if you investigate carefully when you’re in your attic.

There’s one last installation detail we want to cover. Many of our clients ask us how we safeguard against something breaking during the process, particularly damage to the landscaping and other exterior components.

Our crews always take every precaution to avoid damages by hanging tarps over landscaping, walking the area for loose nails, and performing a comprehensive cleanup once the project finishes. We’ll leave your home better than we found it, and if we run into a problem, we will honor our service warranties.

What Kind of Roof?

There are a lot of ways to put together a roof nowadays. Some folks pursue expensive options like metal roofs, but you’d be surprised what kind of value you can get from modern asphalt shingles. Rapid Roofing handles asphalt roof installation for clients in Canton, where we often use the GAF company’s terrific shingle brands.

We mentioned our service warranties, but it also turns out that GAF has some of the best roofing warranty options. They offer five forms of manufacturer warranty coverage, ranging from basic shingle and accessory coverage all the way to their gold-pledge package which covers you for years. When you choose a quality shingle brand, you’ll have a litany of colors and layout designs available as well.

Call Rapid Roofing for Outstanding Roof Replacement in Canton

So, hopefully this is enough to convince you not to push off roof replacement too long. If you aren’t sure whether you need something new, then Rapid Roofing will be happy to visit your home for a free inspection. That involves a no-pressure consultation where we get on your roof to look at the shingles, gutters, soffits, flashing, and determine how much lifespan remains.

Our company is about to hit 1,000 consumer reviews on our Google profile, where we have an aggregate rating of 4.9/5,0 stars. That’s hard to maintain in any service business, but we hold on to that by never cutting corners, doing what we promise, and fixing any errors we encounter.

Contact Rapid Roofing today to find out more about roof replacement in Canton, Michigan.