What are the Signs of Storm Damage to Your Roof?

We want to cover the common signs of storm damage you may notice on your roof. Winter storms and occasional thunderstorms are the source of wear and tear for homes throughout Michigan.

Rapid Roofing gets calls from clients who need help with weather damage all the time. So, let’s pinpoint what you might find wrong with your roof after several storms.

Weather Issues that Damage Your Roof

While we don’t get hurricanes around here, and tornadoes are somewhat rare, it’s still common to suffer wind damage to your home’s exterior components. That’s one of the prime culprits for roof damage in the Ann Arbor area, and it’s also typical for many places throughout America.

We also have to contend with damage brought about by rain storms, ice, and other forms of precipitation. The winter can be freezing, and even the temperature itself can cause roof materials to expand, crack, and break. With all that in mind, let’s look at the various problems related to storm damage.

Common Signs of Storm Damage to Your Roof

  1. You’re losing shingles.
    • Shingles can come loose for a variety of reasons, including when they’re old and need replacing. However, it’s common to run into sporadic issues after we suffer a wind storm or two.
  2. The loss of granules from your shingles is getting worse.
    • Not only will the shingles come off the roof, the granules can erode as well. Don’t panic, however, if granules come loose right after a recent installation. That’s normal when you have brand new materials.
  3. Water is getting into the attic.
    • Leaky roofs are a well-known symptom of heavy rain damage. This also lets you know that you have significant moisture intrusion problems, and should address them immediately.
  4. You notice hail damage to your shingles.
    • You should have us inspect your roof after a severe hail storm if you notice round dents or cracks in your shingles. Hail can also clog your gutters and cause all kinds of chaos.
  5. The gutters and downspouts have damage.
    • Speaking of gutters, you should always monitor these after any heavy storm. They can clog, crack, and dislocate easily, which could send water off in the wrong direction.

Ways to Prevent Storm Damage on Your Property

If you have these signs of storm damage, or have other issues with ice dams and icicles, you shouldn’t ignore them. Now that we know the common problem areas, let’s review a few tips for preventing storm damage.

  • Inspect, trim, prune, and/or move any trees or landscaping that could fall onto your roof. This can cause enormous home damage and personal injury when left unchecked.
  • If you can’t reach your roof (since it’s not always safe for homeowners to climb up there), check your siding for damage. Chances are if you have roof damage, then there’s also some corresponding damage to your siding, such as cracks, dents, or holes.
  • Better yet, contact Rapid Roofing for a roof inspection at least once a year. Plus, if you think roof damage is imminent, then call us sooner.

Call Rapid Roofing to Address Signs of Storm Damage on Your Roof

We can inspect for serious damage, and if necessary, help you with repairs or an entire roof replacement. Our service is available to clients in Detroit, Ann Arbor, Canton, and several surrounding communities. You don’t have to struggle with broken or missing shingles for long when you can call us for help.

Rapid Roofing has an almost perfect review score on Google Reviews. That comes from over 1,000 client evaluations. This shows you how much our residential customers trust our prompt service.

If you recognize these typical signs of storm damage to your roof, then contact Rapid Roofing for assistance ASAP.