4 Things You Should Know Before Painting Vinyl Siding

Painting your siding is a cost-effective way of revitalizing your exterior. To make sure that fresh coat of paint doesn’t ruin your siding or property’s curb appeal, there are a few precautions you’ll have to take. Upon hearing this, first-time homeowners may feel uneasy about painting their vinyl siding. But they shouldn’t worry too much, especially if they have vinyl siding.

Painting vinyl siding is easier than painting over wood or masonry. That’s because unlike other types of siding, vinyl doesn’t retain moisture and, therefore, dries off quicker

Clean Your Siding’s Exterior

The first step to any paint project is to clean the siding first. For efficient cleaning, we recommend using a power washer to clean large areas. Make sure the nozzle is four feet away from the siding and then gradually move closer.

You can also use a stiff-bristle brush to clean your siding, although it will be a bit more labor-intensive. Use mild soap or detergent powder for your cleaning solution.

Use Light-Colored Vinyl-Safe Acrylic Paint

The wrong color can cause warping in some parts of your vinyl siding. The darker the color, the more heat it absorbs. If too much heat is trapped between the coat of paint and vinyl siding, warping may occur.

If you’re having doubts about a particular color’s suitability, check its Light Reflective Value (LVR). A color’s LVR gives you an idea of how much light a color reflects. Black has an LVR of zero while white’s LVR is 100. Vinyl-safe colors’ LVR should be 55% or more.

Maintain Your Siding

To make sure that new coat of paint lasts for a long time, siding maintenance is a must. Moisture can erode the paint over time so it would be a good idea to check your gutters for any leaks.

Know When It’s Beyond Your Skill Level

it may be better to hire a certified professional instead. Lack of experience with home improvement projects can result in mistakes that can cost you more in the long run

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