Why You Should Consider Changing Your Roof’s Pitch

Take the opportunity to change your roof pitch if your roof replacement project has provisions for building a new roof structure. As a roofing company with experience in complete roof replacements, Rapid Roofing discusses the reasons switching to a different roof pitch can be beneficial.

Why You Should Consider Changing Your Roof’s Pitch

Curb Appeal

Steep roofs tend to be more visible from the ground, so if your home has only ever had a low-pitched or flat roof, then consider switching to a high-pitched one. While the process will cost more, the new, high pitch showcases the beauty of your new roof. This is also an opportunity to upgrade to dimensional shingles or even slate roofing.

Shedding Water and Snow

If your gutters are not efficiently shedding rainwater, your roof pitch may be partly to blame. Higher-pitched roofs tend to be more efficient in shedding rainwater and snow, especially when fitted with smooth surfaces like metal. Look for a contractor that offers multiple kinds of roofing materials as part of their residential roof service so you can compare features and benefits, and choose the right roofing for your home.

High Winds

On the other hand, if your area tends to get hit often by storms and high winds, then you might want to consider going to the other extreme and choosing a low-pitched roof instead. High-pitched roofs tend to meet winds head-on, which is perfectly okay for fair weather winds. However, the situation is different when there’s a storm; a high-pitched roof often sustains more wind damage while low-pitched roofs simply let winds pass over them.

Pooling Water

If pooling water is a perennial problem with your low-pitched roof, a new roof with a significantly increased pitch can solve that problem. A roof replacement is also an opportunity to upgrade your gutters to low-maintenance seamless ones and even add gutter protection systems while you’re at it. Such upgrades can minimize the chances of dealing with standing water in the gutters and reduce maintenance requirements.

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