The Benefits of Replacing Your Windows and Siding Together

Presented with the opportunity to have siding and window replacement projects done in the same year, you will likely ask yourself which one should be done first. We say, why not do both? We offer the following reasons for doing both at the same time.

The Benefits of Replacing Your Windows and Siding Together

More Convenient

Remodeling projects can be disruptive with all the noise and people going back and forth. Doing two projects at the same time means fewer disruptions to your schedule throughout the year.

Get the Look You Really Want

Replacing the siding and windows together gives you more latitude with the exterior color selection and style. When you replace them separately, the outdated one is highlighted, which can be glaringly obvious when viewed from the curb.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Concurrent window and siding projects result in a cleaner installation, which can have a positive effect on your home’s energy efficiency. The areas where the window frames meet the wall need to be sealed properly to minimize air leaks, which could lead to increased energy consumption from your HVAC unit, which is compensating for the heat loss or gain. It’s important to hire a window and siding contractor if your project involves resizing your windows as professionals can ensure a cleaner look.

Prevent Mold and Mildew

Another reason proper seals are important is because they help minimize moisture intrusion. Reducing unwanted indoor moisture can help prevent mold and mildew growth, which could trigger allergies and respiratory problems as well as pervasive bad smells.

Less Frequent Maintenance

A siding and window installation project is an opportunity to update the properties of your exterior, both aesthetically and functionally. This means you can choose to have siding, window frames and glass with minimal maintenance requirements. Materials like vinyl and fiber cement require minimal maintenance and have good lifespan-to-cost ratio.

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