We Answer Frequently Asked Questions About TPO Roofs

Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) is one of the most common commercial roofing systems, and its popularity rivals other single-ply membrane roofs, such as EPDM and Built-up Roofing (BUR). Despite its availability, not a lot of people actually know much about this roofing material.

We Answer Frequently Asked Questions About TPO Roofs

In this post, our commercial team from Rapid Roofing answers frequently asked questions about TPO roofs.

Q:    What Is TPO Roofing?

A:    TPO is a synthetic rubber compound that’s designed to be as durable as another single-ply roof – EPDM. What’s different about TPO, though, is that it can be fused together unlike other membrane roofing. This eliminates the need for tape systems during commercial roof installation while still creating a monolithic and homogenous structure that’s strong, durable and long-lasting.

Q:    What Makes It Stronger Than Other Membranes?

A:    TPO membranes have hot air-welded seams. These seams are three times stronger than conventional rubber roofs that use tape systems. It’s also six times stronger than roofs with glued seams. This increased strength gives TPO roofs unmatched weather resistance, making it the best choice for larger roofs that would otherwise require multiple  layers of tape or glue systems to fasten the membrane roof.

Q:    What Other Benefits Can I Expect From TPO Roofing?

A:    On top of increased strength and weather tolerance, TPO roofs are also more flexible than other roofing materials. This makes them very easy to install. They also resist ultraviolet (UV) radiation and ozone exposure better than other roofing membranes, which means it can effectively reduce your property’s solar heat gain. 

TPO roofs are also more compatible for mechanically attached roofs, such as fully adhered and ballasted roofs – two of the trickiest commercial roofs to which to fasten membranes. These benefits, on top of the higher energy efficiency, make TPO one of the most cost-efficient and effective roofs for commercial properties.

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