Top Tips on Choosing the Right Siding Colors

Choosing a different siding color for your next composite or vinyl siding installation project can give your home an instant makeover. Today’s technologies allow homeowners to choose virtually any color that they want, but for others, the sheer number of available options makes the process difficult. If you’re part of the latter, let us give you some tried-and-tested tips for choosing your siding colors.

Top Tips on Choosing the Right Siding Colors

Check Out the Neighborhood Colors

Certain communities have similar house color palettes. It could be an association requirement, or maybe homeowners don’t want their home to stick out like a sore thumb. Whatever the reason, you can use your neighbors’ homes as inspiration. Go for a walk around the area, maybe a couple of blocks near your home. Even without actually focusing on individual homes, you will get an idea of what the general color palette is, which is a good place to start in your quest for your own siding color.

Research Your Home Style

Certain architectural styles require specific color palettes. If you’re after an authentic look, it pays to take a look into what these color palettes are. For example, Mediterranean homes typically have warm and earthy colors, including red clay tiles and stucco siding, while Colonial architecture traditionally has all-white exteriors.

Basic Complementary Colors

If you want a more back-to-basics approach, there’s the color wheel. If you have an existing roof that isn’t up for replacement yet, use this as a basis for choosing a complementary color. If you have a teal-colored roof, the complementary colors would be amber or something just as warm but not as loud. Today’s composite siding options let you tweak the siding color so you can get the exact shade of siding that works with your existing roof.

Test Your Colors During Different Times

By this time, you would already have a few siding colors in mind. Before you commit to a particular siding color, see how they look in the morning, afternoon and evening. Obtain color swatches or paint color cards yourself, and set them outside during these times. Keep the ones that look good at all times, and you’ll have narrowed your choices down to a manageable few.

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