Roofing Market Trends and What They Mean for Consumers

Consumer preferences have changed. Durability is no longer the only thing on homeowners’ minds when they’re choosing a new roof. Homeowners are now taking into account a roofing product’s energy efficiency and overall performance as well.

But what was the catalyst for this shift in consumer preferences? More importantly, how can you as a homeowner benefit from these changes?

A More Sophisticated Consumer

Just to be clear, the rising prominence of the two aforementioned qualities doesn’t mean that durability is any less important than the other two. Rather, it merely reflects increasingly sophisticated consumer choices.

Economic Uncertainty

This rising sophistication is driven in part by increasingly volatile market conditions. The fluctuations in the global oil market are one example. In recent decades, oil prices, and consequently power prices, have experienced sharp spikes and sudden drops.

Amid increasing economic uncertainty, homeowners are looking for new ways to minimize household costs. And power costs comprise a huge chunk of the typical American household’s monthly expenses.

Erratic Weather Patterns

Like the economy, weather patterns are also becoming more erratic. Storms are getting fiercer. Summers are getting hotter, and the winters harsher. As a result, seamless gutter installation requests have spiked. Due to having no gaps, this type of gutter system is less prone to leaks.

Another consequence of hotter summers and colder winters is that it takes a lot more power to maintain a comfortable indoors, which is why more and more homeowners are installing energy-efficient roofs.

Apart from an increase in demand for seamless gutter systems, contractors have also seen a spike in emergency roof repair requests. If you need to have your roof repaired after an extreme weather event, only hire a certified contractor.

Product Performance

Product performance, as the term suggests, takes into account all of the aspects of a roof, including durability. To ensure that product performance remains consistent, it’s important that all of the roof components are of the same quality or from the same manufacturer.

If you’re going to install a roofing system with components from the same manufacturer, you can get better value for your money by hiring a certified contractor. GAF, for example, offers extended warranties for homeowners whose roofing systems were installed by Master Elite® contractors.

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