GAF’s StainGuard Plus™ Technology: How It Prevents Algae

While not particularly dangerous to your roof, algae is a very unsightly problem. Thanks to the innovations of roofing companies nowadays, there is a way to prevent blue-green algae from ever growing on your roof – by using GAF’s new StainGuard Plus™ shingles.Older Stain Fighting Technology

Copper has been integrated into asphalt shingles for years to prevent algae from growing on the roof. To do this, the copper is embedded in specially layered granules. Once these granules come into contact with moisture like the morning dew, the copper is released and deposited on the roof to interfere with the spread of algae. Unfortunately, roof installation service providers found that these granules have their limitations and will eventually release less copper over time. This is because it eventually becomes harder for moisture to reach and release the copper, leaving your roof vulnerable to algae stains.The New StainGuard Plus™ Technology

StainGuard Plus technology is a revolutionary, patent pending technology created by GAF that’s been under development for a decade. Compared to older stain fighting technology, StainGuard Plus is composed of specially engineered time-release capsules that are infused with thousands of copper particles. Apart from that, StainGuard can also release 1- times as much algae-killing copper compared to the older technologies before eventually releasing just the right amount of copper. This allows your roof to remain algae-free in a consistent and efficient manner.

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