DIY Exterior Home Improvements You’ll Regret Doing

Many people turn to DIY to either save money or just take on the challenge to finish a project on their own. As a survey by ImproveNet shows, however, it is likely you’ll end up disappointed with the results. According to it, about 63% of the homeowners who did DIY projects last year regretted doing at least one of them.

Rapid Roofing, one of the top local roofing companies, shares the DIY exterior home improvements you’ll regret doing.

Roof Installations

Roof installations belonged to the 8% of DIY projects that caused damage to the home. Overlooked gaps in the roof surface, improper installation of shingles and other mistakes during installation may result in leaks and other related issues. The roof will worsen regardless of how many DIY repairs are done to correct them, leading to its early failure.

The complexities of such work warrant the help of professionals. Contacting local roofers like us is the best way to deal with a roof repair or replacement. We have the experience and the know-how to perform professional installations.

Exterior Painting

According to the survey, 55% of the DIY projects took longer than anticipated. Painting the outside of the home belonged to this category. One reason is the failure to acquire the right amount of paint for the project.

It would be better if you ditch the paintbrush and instead cover your home with siding. You don’t just give your home a boost in terms of curb appeal and protection against the elements. You also do away with repainting your home every few years.

With such large-scale home improvement projects, you need a company you can trust. Rapid Roofing is your siding and roof installation service provider for all your needs. Call (734) 234-5900 to learn more about what we can do for your home. You may also fill out our contact form to request a free estimate. We serve Ann Arbor, MI, and other nearby areas in Michigan.