Why Blue Roofs Are the New Green Roofs

Homeowners are turning to innovative green solutions to cope with rising power prices and lessen their environmental impact. One of these solutions is a green roof. A green roof is covered in moss that cools down your roof in summer and insulates it in winter.

Recently, a new innovative solution has been gaining traction: the blue roof.

Green Roofs and Storm Runoff Management

Apart from increasing energy efficiency, green roofs also help manage storm runoff toxicity. The water that spills over from your roof may contain pollutants that can contaminate water sources. The moss on top of a green roof filter pollutants before these reach can affect bodies of water and ecosystems.

The Problem With Too Much Storm Runoff

Urban areas have ponds and drainage systems to manage storm runoff. However, intense storms can overload these systems. Once they’re overloaded, a slurry made of rainwater and untreated sewage can overflow into and contaminate rivers and streams. This phenomenon that’s called combined sewage overflow is more common than you think – it only takes half an inch of rain to cause an overflow in some areas.

How Blue Roofs Can Help

Blue roofs are essentially flat roofs that can store rainwater. Their water capacity varies; some have mini-dams while others have trays that can contain up to two inches of water. By storing excess water, blue roofs help reduce storm run-off.

The Other Benefits of a Blue Roof

Storm run-off control has other benefits for urban spaces. By storing rainwater instead of letting it fall onto the ground, blue roofs can mitigate flooding in densely populated spaces. Blue roofs can also be combined with other features, including a green roof, to further enhance their energy-efficiency.

Keep in mind that blue roofs are a fairly new roofing feature. That’s why if you’re considering installing a blue roof, make sure to consult a certified roof and siding installation service company.

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