Halloween Time: Hanging Decorations Without Siding Damage

Now that the latter parts of the year has arrived, it also means that the holidays are fast approaching. October means Halloween. But Halloween is so much more than horror movie marathons and trick-or-treating to see who gets the most candy. In fact, it can also be a chance for homeowners to show off their creativity by hanging Halloween decorations around their property. But you must take steps to protect your siding.

If you want to hang Halloween decorations around your home without causing any siding damage, double-sided tape is one of the options you have at your disposal. To hang decorations with tape, you’ll first have to clean the surface of the siding,l and then let it dry for a moment. Just to be sure, buy tape that can hold up to five pounds.

Once the surface has dried, you can now apply the double-sided tape to one side of your decoration and stick it to your siding. To get a good sealing, apply a bit of your weight while you’re putting up the decorations.

Vinyl Siding Hooks

On the other hand, a siding contractor may also recommend that you attach a vinyl siding hook to the system so you can hang your decorations without causing damage. To use these, you’ll have to separate your siding a few inches to slide them inside. To hang your decorations afterwards, you’ll have to attach a string or a wire hook to the decor to place them on the siding hook. If you aren’t certain about attaching the hooks on your own, however, you can always ask a siding expert like Rapid Roofing for help and advice.

Suction Cups

The final method you can use to hang Halloween decorations without damaging your siding is through the use of suction cups. Purchase a few suction cups with a hook attachment at your local hardware store according to the size and weight of the decoration you want to hang. Then, make sure to thoroughly wipe the areas of the vinyl siding with soap and water and allow them to dry completely.

Once the surface has dried, wet the suction cup for better adhesion, and press it against the siding’s surface. For best results, wait for a day or two before hanging your decorations.

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