4 Architectural Styles and Their Respective Roofs

Every building and house has an architectural style, and each is composed of different details and architectural elements. The roof is easily the defining feature of many architectural styles, and certain roofing materials are associated with specific styles.

4 Architectural Styles and Their Respective Roofs

Rapid Roofing, your residential roof installation experts, shares four architectural styles and their respective roofing materials.

1.    Mediterranean Style

Whether it’s a Greek or Spanish Revival house, clay and concrete tile are the standard roofing materials for this architectural style. These kind of houses are common in the Southwest, where it’s a bit hotter, and these roofing styles naturally deflect harsh sunlight. In terms of aesthetics, clay and concrete tiles are the main characteristics of these house styles, thanks to their terracotta and red hues.

2.    Craftsman

Widely considered the country’s “favorite house”, this classic architectural style is characterized by low-slope roofs made from wood or asphalt shingles. The latter is actually more common these days as modern technology has given homeowners asphalt roofs that look just like wood. Regardless, both are the preferred roofing materials as they preserve the Old World look of this house style.

3.    Lexington House

This contemporary house style is widely considered the successor to Craftsman as the quintessential suburban house style. The roofing material used here is also an upgrade: metal. Many roofing contractors like us recommend steel and aluminum as they can come in more colors than asphalt. and we can find a color that will perfectly match the rather adventurous coloration of many Lexington houses. Metal roofs also look crisper. 

4.    Ultra Modern House

The Ultra Modern house style is characterized by its geometric and symmetrical aesthetics, and often has completely flat roofs. Because of this, roofing membranes are the preferred material, such as PVC, TPO and EPDM. 

At Rapid Roofing, you can count on us to always match the roofing material with your home’s unique architectural style. We also offer roof repair and can help you with your storm damage insurance claim.

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