Experienced Metal Roofing Installers

Canton, Michigan

here are many advantages to metal roofing. First, it’s one of the oldest commercial roofing systems on the market, so you know it’s proven and trusted. Metal roofs are also exceptionally lightweight. They’re so lightweight, in fact, that they can be installed on top of existing roofing systems without any need to remove the old roof. What’s more, metal roofs can be coated so that they are seamless with extra waterproofing, rust protection and UV protection that makes them feel nearly indestructible.

At Rapid Roofing, in Canton, Michigan, we have been installing metal roofs throughout the Ann Arbor metro area of decades. Our certified contractors have a record of quality metal roof installation that sets us apart from other roofers.

Why Choose a Metal Roof?

There are many reasons to choose a metal roof, including:

  • Design: Technology updates have meant a greater variety of metal roof looks and colors than ever before.
  • Value: Metal roofs can last from 30 to more than 50 years if they are installed and maintained properly. Over time, business owners and homeowners realize cost savings.
  • Durability: Metal roofs can weather storms, withstand sun and rust and generally handle anything that comes their way.
  • Sustainability: Because metal roofs can be installed over existing roofs, the old roofing material never has to sit in a landfill. What’s more, most metal roofs are made with a significant percentage of recycled material.

The Cost of a Metal Roof

Does a metal roof cost more than a standard shingle roof? It’s a common question that we hear. The answer is, yes, metal roofs do cost more than roofs made with other materials. However, they come with a warranty that spans decades. And most owners see energy savings that begin with the installation. Over time, the metal roof truly shows its value.

Rapid Roofing for Metal Roof Installation

At Rapid Roofing, our metal roofing systems are designed to last up to 50 years or more. And services come with proactive maintenance plans. That means we’ll be there whenever you need us, no matter what the season.
As part of our commitment to you and your home or business, we guarantee that our metal roofs can keep high winds, driving rain and snow out of your roof for many years to come.

Free Estimate for Metal Roofing Installation or Repair

If you’re considering a metal roof for your home or business, get a free estimate. Start by contacting Rapid Roofing at 734-359-6160. You can also reach us by filling out our online contact form.