Flat and Low Slope Roofs

Canton, Michigan

When it comes to your roofing, improper installation can lead to thousands—and even millions—of dollars in damage as a leaky roof destroys expensive equipment, carpeting, computers and inventory. You need a certified contractor who is fully insured and equipped to give you the quality roofing solutions necessary for your flat or low slope roof.

At Rapid Roofing, in Canton, Michigan, we have the decades of experience necessary and the quality reputation to protect your business or home. We can help find the flat roof/low slope roofing solution that’s right for you, and we can give you the quality installation necessary to protect the things that matter most.

Types of Flat Roof and Low Slope Roofing

When it comes to flat roofs and low-slope roofing, business owners and homeowners have many options. Some of the most common options include:

  • EPDM roofing: EPDM stands for Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer. It’s a long-lasting membrane roofing material that is a great option for businesses and homes with flat roofs. EPDM is rubber roofing that has the lowest carbon footprint among comparable single-ply roofing systems. Its dark color can help buildings retain heat during cold winter months. In some cases, a light-colored coating can be applied over the top.
  • TPO roofing: TPO stands for thermoplastic polyolefin. It’s a single-ply roofing membrane used to cover the surface of a flat roof. TPO is actually made out of a blend of two different kinds of rubber. It’s light-colored, which can help buildings reflect heat and reduce cooling costs during the hottest summer months.
  • Modified bitumen: This single-ply rolled roof shields your building from ice and water. It’s unrolled, heated and stuck to the surface of the roof during installation. New peel-and-stick versions are available as well.
  • Built-up roof (BUR): BUR roofs are often found on older buildings. They are traditional hot-tar-and-gravel roofs, and their gravel surfaces can be visually appealing when a window overlooks a rooftop. Because they are so heavy, buildings with BUR roofs sometimes have to be reinforced to bear the weight.

Choosing the Right Type of Flat Roofing Solution

Not sure how to choose the right type of flat roof? We can come to your home or business, talk through your options and give you a free estimate. You’ll learn a lot about the best possible solutions for flat roofs and low-slope roofs from an experienced and well-respected local roofer.

Free Estimate for Flat and Low-Slope Roofing Installation

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