Finding a reputable roofing contractor to perform roof repairs at your home or business in Canton Michigan may not be as easy as you think. Sure, you can do a search on Angie’s List or check out the Better Business Bureau but there are also other things you need to consider before you commit to a roofing contract. There are many companies that will do commercial or residential roofing inspections and roof repairs, however, you need to make sure they are legitimate. Be sure to find out:

  • Do they offer free roof inspections and estimates? What kind of guarantees and warrantees do they offer?
  • What about financing, is it affordable?
  • Will they work with your city inspectors to pull permits and call for inspections so your new roof will be completely flawless?
  • Are they CertainTeed and GAF endorsed?

These are some of the questions you should be asking of a prospective roofing company that serves Ypsilanti, Greater Ann Arbor and Canton MI. You may only need a few roof repairs, or if your roof has storm or hail damage, you might need a new roof installation or roof replacement.

Checking every inch of your roof

 It’s not enough for a roofing company to simply look at your roof, shingles and siding for just a few minutes. It requires a thorough assessment to inspect for holes, leaks, poor ventilation and worn shingles. At Rapid Roofing, we meticulously inspect a minimum of 17 areas of concern to ensure no stone is left unturned. If roof repairs are warranted, we’ll sit down with you to discuss any issues pertaining to storm damage, wind damage, curled or damaged shingles, loose shingles, faulty ventilation, missing shingles, holes, and leaks. Our inspections are totally free with no obligation to sign any agreement – our mission is to inform you of your options and work with you on the best plan for your situation.  Cost should never be an issue when you’re considering a new roof in Southeast Michigan, because safety should be your top priority. That’s why we offer affordable financing, low interest loans and manageable payment plans.

Can a new roof save you money?

 The short answer is “yes.”  Have you heard about Energy Star® roof shingles? These state-of-the-art shingles are designed to keep you cool in the summer heat and warm when it’s zero degrees outside. Scientists developed a protective coating for shingles that helps your roof work for you, and not against you by utilizing cool roof technology. By opting for a “green” roof, you’ll be choosing one that will lower your energy costs so you’ll have more money for other home improvements, a vacation or new furniture.

All roofing contractors are not the same

 You may figure all roofing companies are created equal, but they aren’t. Just because a company is offering a rock-bottom price that doesn’t mean they are your best option. If they are unlicensed or uninsured, your new roof won’t pass city inspections and you may be left with a fine or building violation. Municipal inspectors charge every time they inspect your property so if you need a reinspection you’ll be required to foot the bill. It pays to do your homework. If you go to our website or Facebook page, you’ll be able to read customer reviews and view recent roofing projects we’ve performed. We are a trustworthy, award-winning roofing contractor serving Canton MI, Greater Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti and surrounding areas. We can often provide same-day roofing inspections and one-day roofing repairs and installation in many cases. We offer 24/7 emergency roofing services and assist with insurance claims as needed. You’re never just a number to roofing specialists at Rapid Roofing – you’re our main focus, with your satisfaction at the top of our list. That’s why our customer service has been recognized by several industry leading organizations – we strive daily to meet and exceed all of our customer’s expectations. Call our roofing professionals at 1-855-400-7973 to talk about re-roofs, tile roofing, ventilation and insulation, roofing maintenance, roof replacement and repairs. We’ll set you up with a roofing inspection so you can get started on the road to a better roof, resulting in better protection for your property.